Introductory Words about "Because Life is Complicated Enough..."

It is my hope to expand Cooking with Mel with this extension. I think Because Life is Complicated Enough will be a better venue for all of my friends and followers to share something that goes beyond cooking in the kitchen! Whether or not food is incorporated will depend on what the story is. I hope that we can share, upcoming events in their communities, fun tidbits about cooking unique dishes and even what we are all experimenting with in the food world, but also personal struggles in life and love, our travels and other fun and demanding things that we encounter in life!!

We are always searching and working to find the answers to something, so I hope to bring as many of the answers to you in an easy and simple way so that you know somebody else is going through similar thing! I hope this extension will be more welcoming and encourage open communication and sharing!

If you have particular events, great farmers markets, different dishes, etc that you want to share, just send me a message at - and I will feature your idea/recipe/insider tips on my blog giving YOU all of the credit!! 

Best Life Wishes!