Antelope Island in Salt Lake City, Utah

Nick had to spend some time in Utah before he deployed to Iraq, which is the reason I found myself spending some time there. One weekend he decided to take me to Antelope Island, which is a great way to see the Great Salt Lake. Utah has some beautiful scenery, but entering Antelope Island is so cool. 

When you enter, you drive on this very long stretch of road directly over the Great Salt Lake. It is such a great experience! Once you enter you can roam around in your car or on foot. Nick and I elected to do it mainly in the car. The twists and turns lead you to never-ending picture worthy moments and backgrounds.

The island offers much more than the possibility of beautiful pictures. There are tons of recreational opportunities, like tanning at the white sandy beaches or picnicking around the salty waters. If you are a lover or water, the Island has a sailboat marina. For those people that want to be direct and actively involved with their surroundings, the Island offers a kind of park and hike system; where people can feel free to hike or bike the terrain and the trails.

In addition to beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the Island has many other opportunities like camping. Nick and I did not do any camping, but it would be relatively easy for those people who have a recreational vehicle. In addition, those people camping will have an access pass to all of those hiking and biking trails. I could imagine that it would be cool to camp out on the Island. There are tons of Buffalo roaming around with Antelope. Although, the antelope were quite evasive, Nick and I were able to find some in the brush and around some of the small homes located on the property.

If any of you end up out in Salt Lake City you should visit Antelope Island, even in for a couple of hours.