The Low-Down Dirty Dog Moving Blues

Moving stinks! I’ve had to do it twice in less than a year. I am not pointing any fingers, but I will tell you this was not my idea [and my 9 pound killer Yorkshire Terrier did not make the decision, either!]. There is tons of advice I could give to everybody reading this right now, but I do not have enough time. You see, I still have tons of unpacking to do. You know what that means? It means another night of take-out and another night out of the kitchen. I guess I don’t really mind it. Nick feels a little guilty that I have to do all of the unpacking and arranging that he lets me choose the food we order. That’s the only real perk.

I will give you my Readers Digest version of advice for moving.

First: Do not EVER move, if you have to. You’re probably thinking that is unrealistic advice and sighing in disbelief. Well do not worry, I’ve got more advice.

Second: Do your research and do it extensively. Like I mentioned above we have moved twice in less than a year. The first time we did not have much time at all so we went with a moving company that Nick’s family had prior experience with. That turned out to be an EPIC fail. The second time around we had a little extra wiggle room and started doing our research weeks in advance. We decided on Mayflower because they are reputable and seemed to have their business together. One big lesson learned: not all big named companies can pull it together professionally to get the job done. We have had nothing but a headache as a result of poor management, poor communication and poor business by Mayflower. It started with the associate that was supposed to assess our belongings and give us a quote never showing up. YES HE NEVER SHOWED UP! Nick took some time off of work that day, but do you think that Mayflower considered that when they told us it was not their fault? Not your fault? Are you kidding me? We contacted you. We scheduled an appointment for you to come out. YOU gave us a date and time and YOU never showed up. And it’s not your fault? Yeah, and the sun does not rise in the East and set in the West. Give me a break! I won’t go through all of the gritty details – and they are gritty – but I will tell you as poorly as our experience started with Mayflower it still continues. Our most recent problem was the fact that more than half of our belongings [expensive I might add] arrived damaged, broken, scraped and smelling horribly. Oh and all of those things arrived with a self-loathing and complaining truck driver that also told us nothing was his fault. No really, the sun does not rise in the East & set in the West?

Third: Check in frequently with whoever is your moving coordinator. This was critical for us. Had we not tried to find out what was going on, we would have been sitting in our apartment for 5 days without our stuff. Yep, we were told that getting our stuff delivered on May 16 would not be a problem. Turns out our truck did not leave until after May 13 and arrived on May 20.

Fourth: Get everything in writing. We stupidly believed these morons because along the rocky road our contact continued to reinsure us that our stuff would be delivered by May 16. Never trust anybody!

Fifth: Document everything that goes wrong. You want to include days, dates, times, people, etc. You want to make sure all of your ducks are in a row.

Sixth: Stand up for yourself. We called every chance we could – particularly because nobody would call us with updates. It’s a matter of principle. WE paid them thousands of dollars to move us across the country. We TRUSTED that they would handle our belongings with care and respect. And for the money we were paying them we expected diligent communication from the company. That never happened. For us this whole experience has been a Charlie Foxtrot. It got to the point that so many things continued to go wrong and we would call for clarification or to complain that our “moving coordinator” stopped returning our calls, stopped taking our calls and started screening our calls so that she did not have to talk to us. I would like to thank you Kirsten, from Mayflower from the Sierra Vista/Tucson branch, for being so dynamically unqualified and rude to us. It SURE has made us feel like valued customers. YEAH RIGHT!

I guess that is all I have to say right now. I know you’re probably thinking, “you promised the Reader’s Digest version of your move.” Well, I will tell you unfortunately that is the Readers Digest version. There is an intricate and long list of problems encountered along the way. I would suggest not going with Mayflower when you have to move, but I do have hope that the Sierra Vista/Tucson branch does not reflect the entire company’s qualifications. So do your good faith research and if you have time have several companies come out and assess your belongings and get quotes from them all. If something seems wrong or somebody is mistreating or disrespecting you, your time and your belongings trust your gut and remove that company from the running!

Because Life is Complicated Enough... when you have to move, I thought it would be nice to have small tips to prepare you for your next move! 

Until Next Time,

Be Happy You Are Not Moving!

One of the main reasons we were both able to keep our cool is because of our little puppy:

pippy sleeping.jpg

How could you not smile when looking at that puppy? He's even super cute when he's kicking back in the car & fast asleep!!! :)