Bolts of Verbal Lightning and Your Advice

Several months ago, probably before most of you knew of me, I was virtually confronted by another food-blog person. Let me take you back to the story. It was Valentine’s Day and I wanted to create a couple of treats for Nick and his friends at work. I decided on three separate treats. They can be found here! One of those treats was chocolate covered cherries. I noticed that this other food blog person had recently posted a chocolate covered cherries recipe and I thought I would give hers a try. Let’s fast-forward to when I posted my blog filled with my Valentine’s treats. When I posted the Chocolate Covered Cherries recipe I gave a shout out to the person I adapted the recipe from and linked back to her blog. Nice of me, right? I mean, it was the right thing to do all around. However, she did not approve. In a message sent to me over FB she tried to scold me and demand I ask her permission to use ANY of her recipes. On top of that demand she added a little “I work very hard at creating my own recipes” statement. I was immediately irate and slightly amused all at the same time. How dare she demand I ask her permission even though I did my due diligence by citing her blog! The funny part was how up-in-arms she was about the simple chocolate covered cherries recipe. She really worked hard on creating that? Come on, really?

I have a hard time biting my tongue. It’s really all of my training. I whip back like a fierce bolt of lightning that refuses to be contained. I try to restrain my words so everything comes out coherent and more dignified than my initial thoughts. In those moments after I read her arrogant message I was furious and would not go away without some sort of response. That’s where the next post came along, Blogger’s Fury. Honestly, Blogger’s Fury guided me to creating a separate part of my blog that would allow me to write about world affairs, difficult situations, struggles, pretentious people stepping on my turf and everything else that causes us to feel any morsel of emotion in life; enter Because Life is Complicated Enough…

So here I am today maximizing this part of my blog on that same person that months ago pretentiously demanded me do as she told me. I am going to be as objectively sincere as I can be right now because I need your support and advice! I do not like her blog. I do not like the types of food she posts about and I think the quality of her blog wanes in comparison to most of my favorite foodie friends. In fact, I stopped checking her blog months ago when she decided to create a facebook page right after she noticed I created one. For a long time she stayed off my radar for several reasons; first, I was working hard on creating a better blog; second, I was getting down and dirty learning how to cook; third, I was battling a darn kidney stone; fourth, I realized her style and my style were so different that I became uninterested; fifth, no longer was whatever  bloggie relationship I thought I could develop with her viable; I realized it was now some sort of angry competition filled with jealous rivalry and I wanted no part in it; and, finally I was working hard on creating new relationships.

For all I know she was doing the same thing. So for months she has stayed out in the periphery. That is until recently. I feel like I am slowly but surely meeting great people, networking with positive foodies and incredible cooks. I value each of you and, in some way, you have all impacted my foodie life. With these connections and my consistent networking endeavors I have witnessed my facebook page grow steadily as well as my blog! I am amazed and honored that so many people have an interest in checking me out and I am amazed that you all keep checking back with me! I will do anything to help any one of you and I know each of you would do the same for me! What an awesome feeling to have such a great group of virtual friends!

However, unfortunately, that relationship does not exist between me and my foodie archenemy.  And it was not for my lack of trying. Recently, I’ve noticed she has been using some of the same recipes I am using. They are pretty simple recipes, but I cannot help but to think back about the chocolate covered cherries incident of February 2011. It seems like the circle is coming back around, yet I will NEVER tell her to cite me for something as simple as a WW recipe, pudding or even Sweet Tea. Even though that is a recipe that is all over the internet, in cookbooks, on blogs, etc., I found a great version of it and wanted to give all of the credit to my friend S&B earlier this month. See, that’s what I think this whole foodie world is all about – working together, giving credit to each other, suggesting, laughing, communicating and just having fun. It is NOT a competition and she made it that, at least in my eyes!

It would not be such a horrible situation if it was only something small like Sweet Tea. No, now it seems as though she is intruding on my wonderful group of food friends. I love bringing new people into our circle, suggesting people to visit your pages and recommending people take a look at your blogs. I love that aspect of my relationship with all of my foodie friends. However, when I think of her trying to step on MY turf I feel the bolt of lightning about to strike its mighty blow. I have had a couple of days to think about what to say and what to do. The best thing I could think is to use my words and utilize the Because Life is Complicated Enough… section of my blog. This is, after all, what I created this section for – to talk about those things that affect me [and others] in life. The difference with this situation is I have no idea what to do and I need some advice. I need YOUR advice, foodie favs! What am I to do? I do not want this negative person to penetrate the relationships I have created with you all. I do not want any part of that negativity that she created months ago to seep back into my blogging life.

Usually it is me giving you all advice that I have utilized or learned in situations but today I plead to you, what shall I do?

Until Next Time,

Don’t waste time on another’s toxic character!