When Intolerance is Misguided!

 Picture From CNN Religious Blog

Picture From CNN Religious Blog



I don’t know about you but I have some serious opinions about life, love, death and everything in between, i.e. family, politics, school. Sometimes my opinion causes unnecessary drama, especially when people don’t like what I have to say about them or their cause; sometimes people agree whole-heartedly with what I have to say and sometimes people take a neutral stand seemingly understanding both sides of the argument. I am sure what I am about to write will strike a nerve with many people, yet I am going to write it anyway.

I like eating at Chick-Fil-A {period}.

I am appalled that somebody would tell me that I hate gay people because I eat at Chick-Fil-A. Just like I am equally disgusted when somebody tries to say I am racist because I don’t like where Barack Obama stands on so many policies.

I am sorry, what? Racist? Bigotry? All of this name calling simply because one doesn’t support the President or likes to eat a chicken sandwich? 

Listen, Chick-Fil-A is not prohibiting people of the same sex from getting married. In fact, I don’t think they are discriminating against gay people in any way. They take your money, just like they take my money. They serve me food, just like they serve you food. Most of the people who work there handle our business with calmness and usually with a big smile. And I’d argue they pay the salaries of many gay people without disgust, without argument, without contempt and without much thought about it.

I think that people are failing to realize that a fast food chain is not barring you from marriage. No, in fact, I would argue the policies in this country are preventing equal marriage. Protest some place else. Demand justice and equality from those people who are actually denying you equality and justice; BUT do not attack the religious liberty that is preserved within our Constitution.

Your intolerance of religious freedom proves the ignorance and arrogance of your movement is just as stymied as that of what you claim your opponent’s argument to be. Rise above it. Fight against it. Do not fall into a superficial trap… a trap that has led you to protest a chicken joint.

I am sure many of you will sling words at me like prejudice, intolerant, a religious zealot, a polarized conservative, or anti-gay and anti-equality.

Shame on you.

I live with a gift to see both sides of the argument. I understand the argument that you are proposing. I believe that everybody of every race, creed, origin and sexual orientation should have the same rights.  However, I believe that marriage should be religiously streamlined and political authority should be striped from the equation. I don’t care who marries whom. Yes, I understand there are legal advantages to being married. And, yes, I believe that gay people should be awarded those same advantages. I think it is an injustice to restrict whose marriage is “real” or “legally authorized” and whose is not. I think it is an injustice to build a country where there is inequality. But I do believe that it is important to remember that everybody has their own opinion and we do have a constitutional right to religious liberty. It is as much of an injustice to be intolerant towards religious perspectives as it is to be intolerant toward any other institution or person.

I say eat more chicken. In fact, go to Chick-Fil-A and celebrate tolerance.

Take a stand against the people actually denying you your rights.