And so it begins...

Growing up I never really helped my mom with the meals, but I was always intrigued by cooking. My mom was more of the take-charge-in-the-kitchen type of person so she had all of the yummy cuisine under control for the first 18 years of my life. Recently, however, I have rediscovered the intrigue of cooking that I once had. As a result, I have realized how much I love cooking (though I hate the dishes afterward). I have started off slow with breakfast and lower-level experimenting with lunches and dinners, but I want to transition into a cookery master! 

I have recently moved all the way across the country and am searching for the best apartment with my beautiful boyfriend! In the past year we have been incredibly transient, so cooking was less of an option (and more of an inconvenience) for the both of us! However, learning to cook was always in the back of my brain. I am so excited with the prospect of soon having an actual kitchen for creating delicious meals! 

So this post mainly serves as an introduction (not that anybody will actually find this blog and follow it) and for the promise of yummy creations to come. I hope to experiment with foods and meals I am unfamiliar with while enjoying the art of cooking and the life lessons learned along the way. I cannot promise a new meal each day of the year, but I will look through the many cookbooks I have boxed up in hopes of exploring new foods and sharing it with an elusive online community that may or may not follow my cooking adventure. 

Bon Appetit!!!