My 'Other' Boyfriend, Amy's Cakery, Holiday Celebrations & Business Endeavors!

Happy Monday, foodies! This weekend is one for the history books! Instead of blogging about food today I am going to share some stories and pictures chronicling my weekend. I promise it is worth the read!

Anyway, have I mentioned lately that December is my favorite month of the year? Well, if I have not, you all should know that I LOVE December. First, I was born in the month of December. In fact, my birthday is a mere 11 days away. I will spare myself the embarrassment of telling my age, but it is still my favorite month. Each year I would desperately want to celebrate my birthday with a birthday party bash, but because it is 2 days before Christmas a lot of my friends would be out of town celebrating Christmas with their families. I never thought it was fair. But my mom, being the great mom she is, started hosting birthday parties and sleepovers a week or two before my birthday so I could celebrate with my friends. I miss those days.

Many people through the years have always called me a Christmas baby and I would see the slight excitement in their eyes when I tell them I was born on the 23rd of December. Then in the next breath they would talk about how sad it must have been growing up with a birthday so close to Christmas – something about not getting birthday presents or celebrating my birthday because Christmas was close behind. #wrong. 

People still do that

My mom was very diligent about celebrating my birthday as an occasion separate from Christmas, just like everybody else. I mean, come on, people who have a birthday in January do not have to lump it in with Martin Luther King, Jr. day, or President’s Day in February, or St. Patrick’s Day in March. You get the idea. So no, I did not get deprived a birthday celebration because my birthday is so close to Christmas. Each year I had a birthday cake with candles, birthday presents and a day filled with a special dinner and plenty of movies at the theatre! #best mom award!

Anyway, this month got exponentially better this weekend when my other boyfriend came to visit. Now don’t get all worked up because I’m not really serious about having another boyfriend, but Scott is definitely my best friend. He’s a class a, stand up guy and I will forever love him. I met him in the interim of law school and graduate school. I had recently moved back home and decided to take some random college courses. He was the first person I met on campus and our little friendship began. He is hilarious and cute and I was instantly in love with his personality. People {particularly snarky little girls on campus} often wondered what the deal was between us. In fact, one time these girls backed him into a {theoretical} corner in the library and started grilling him about the relationship he and I had. I laughed hysterically because none of them would ever approach me about the relationship.

Fast forward almost 18 months and Nick enters the picture. Scott actually introduced us, indirectly. See Scott was the President of the Student Government Association. There was some random function he needed to prepare for and time was ticking away. So on some random night at 9:30 and after some random late night class we had, Scott propositioned me to help him wrap presents for this function. There I met Nick {another SGA kid who was helping Scott prepare for this function.} Nick did not know it at the time, but he was about to fall in love with me. A couple of months later we were dating and now here we are after almost 4 years & we're still going strong.

Thank you, Scott.

Anyway, Scott came to visit this weekend {a trip too short, by the way} and we tried to cram tours, food, movies and conversation into a 24 hour period. We were successful, but it would be great to have him here more frequently & for more time! Anyway, Scott’s little sister just started up a business. She is a cake, cupcake, sweet treat connoisseur and is putting her wonderful talents to use. Amy was nice enough to send some of her creations with Scott so Nick and I could enjoy some. Take a look a these cupcakes, cake bites and delicious cake.

Gold Dust on Cake Bite!

Raspberry Filled Cupcake with Glitter!

Raspberry Filled Vanilla Cake with White Chocolate Candies

If you live in Pennsylvania you SHOULD take a look at her website! I know she can customize almost everything you could ever imagine! I am unsure whether she will ship products to you, but it is well worth contacting her to see if she can accommodate the distance! She’s a great little small business owner and it is important we all support our small business entrepreneurs! Go check out her website. You will not be disappointed!

In addition to the sweet cupcakes, my two wonderful boyfriends bought me flowers! What more could a girl ask for in a significant other? Scott bought me the lovely pink Poinsettias and Nick bought me a gorgeous cabbage looking flower. Take a look at how lucky of a girl I am to have such terrific men in my life!

It was sad to see Scott leave. He was my very first friend when I moved home and it was during a time in my life that I needed somebody to walk into my life. I thank God for him and Nick every chance I get. I do not think Scott knows how much of an impact he has had on my life {maybe because I have never really found the right words to tell him} but in moments of pure distress I knew I could count on some laughter and shenanigans with Scott.

Just to give you a glimpse of some of the crazy things that happened to the kid. On my very first date with Nick, I was with Scott for most of the day prior to the date. I mean, Scott dropped me off at Nick’s apartment. Sitting here I am laughing at how awkward that must have been for Nick to have Scott walk me to his door for our first date. Nick made it clear that he would talk to Scott the next day. Later that night, Nick and I were at his apartment getting to know each other over some random move in the background and his phone rings. It was Scott. I made Nick answer the phone and on the other end was a frantic Scott telling us a story about how some homeless guy attempted to break into his apartment and how he had to run out of his house shirtless to get away from the guy. You should know this happened at the beginning of March and it was below freezing outside. Scott also gets pretty high strung about things – just like me – so he was totally frantic telling the story. We offered for him to come hang out with us so he did not have to be alone, but he did not want to ruin our date.  

Stories and memories like this keep me sane in moments of weakness and distress. I can always count on him to keep me honest, keep me straight and keep me grounded and I think I do that for him. That’s what friendship is all about, right?

After Scott left yesterday Nick wanted to go to the camera store and check out some stuff at Best Buy. I totally was not up for it, but I agreed for a couple of reasons. First, Nick does a lot for me and I know he likes checking things out, so why not? It is way better than watching television inside. Second, selfishly, I figured I could score a Caramel Brulee from Starbucks while we were out. Finally, Nick and I have something up our sleeves and I knew he wanted to check out some important equipment for our future plans.

We ended up at Best Buy {after the camera store} around 2 or 2:30pm yesterday afternoon. We did not get home until 9pm last night. Oh yes, we were gone for about 7 hours.

This is why:

Oh yes. We are the proud new owners of a HUGE iMac and 17 in Mac Book Pro. Holy crap! Also not pictured is a brand new iPhone 4s. There is a huge back story to these purchases {believe me when I say this was not a spur-of-the-moment purchase.} It’s a long time coming. It will come in handy for our business, which hopefully you will all be privy to in the days and weeks to come. I am not saying anything else. We actually had to pick up the MacBook at another location, which was an hour journey North and then another hour South. That is why the excursion lasted so long, but come on – 7 hours?!

Until Next Time,

Celebrate Friends, Embrace the Unknown and Jump in with both feet

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