Super Soups: Far Off Dreams

I love soup. There really is no hiding it. I could eat it every day. The only thing I hate about soup is that is weighs me down. I can never eat as much as I want and it upsets me.

Darn soup. 

Nick and I have not been grocery shopping for weeks.

We're still trying to recover from Thanksgiving and the fanatic family emergency that landed us in Florida for a week. 

It's becoming more difficult to bounce back from things like this. 

I mean, as sinful as this sounds we did not have Christmas dinner. We did what any American family does in our situation: we ordered Chinese food. One of my favorite Christmas movies: The Christmas Story, inspired us to order Chinese. 

However, it just is not the same! 

Anyway, I'm dying for soup and we have absolutely NOTHING in our house. Well, we do have have pasta. But how do I jazz up that?! I've got one trick up my sleeves, let's just hope it works!

To honor my tastes buds, though, I thought I would put together a lovely list of my favorite soups. Here we go!

Zuppa Toscana SoupFrench Onion SoupSpicy Cajon Sausage and Cabbage SoupSharp Cheddar and Blue Cheese SoupHearty Traditional Chicken Noodle SoupThanksgiving/Holiday StoupWest African Chicken SoupChesseburger SoupRoasted Tomato Soup

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