Blogger's Fury

For Valentine's Day I posted several chocolaty treats that I made for Nick and his work friends. I came across the chocolate covered cherries recipe from a fellow blogger and I gave her all the credit for her "creation." I put quotations around creation because the recipe is simple and can be found everywhere on the internet, believe me I looked [and found.] However, I thought I would give her credit because I know how exciting it is to cook food, blog about it and have some recognition. Well, she did not approve that I "used her" recipe without permission. I kindly told her that in most instances where an original work is used simply citing the author/work is enough and I do not think I need to ask her permission to use recipes. I mean, we have all gone to college, most of us have Master's Degrees or Law Degrees, what do you think? Imagine what our researching life would be like if we had to ask permission to use work that existed in the world? In some instances permission could never be granted because the author is deceased - imagine all the imperative documents/research that could be lost if we could not merely cite other research without permission? I cited her and gave her credit like the ethical person I am. Since then I have rescinded the citation and have cited another website with the same exact "original" recipe she claims to have worked so hard on. 

I was put off by her pretentiousness to say the least - come on, she was upset about the chocolate covered cherries recipe? Who could not figure that out on their own - buy cherries, dip in chocolate, it's REALLY that simple. What do you guys think, was I wrong to give her ALL of the credit [without permission] for her self proclaimed "hard" work or should I have asked her permission??