The New and Improved Cooking with Mel!!!

Today is a bittersweet day. Bitter because I am leaving behind the easy blogging life to enter into big girl blogging life, but sweet because I have my own domain and have vast opportunities for creating and changing my blog in ways that I could never imagine!

I want to thank everybody who has been following me. It is my increased popularity that pushed me to step out into the blog worlds great unknown. And, believe me, there is a ton of stuff I do not know! 

My wonderful boyfriend, with his coding brain, has been frantically plugging away for a week now. While I still have some fine-tuning to do because of minor glitches, we both thought it best to debut today on this beautiful Sunday morning and on the first day of spring. 

Everything will be the same as far as how you access my site: you will merely have to click the links I provide you on facebook and twitter; however, if you want to access it without logging into your social media sites, all you must do is simply type in That's right, WWW.LIFEWITHMEL.COM! How cool is that? I am not restrained by any type of additional URL code, it's just my life as I know it.

In the coming weeks I will be updating the blog to include some other things, including Because Life is Complicated Enough. I hope you all keep checking back to see the additions! 

Feel free to look around and become familiar with the new site, email me or subscribe to emails so you NEVER miss out on a new blog post again!

Like I mentioned about there are a couple of minor glitches. The one that may affect some of you is the RSS feed. I have noticed that it is finicky with rockmelt. If you are using that browser you may be unable to subscribe to the RSS feed. If you want to subscribe, and I suggest you do, simply use firefox or IE to subscribe. It will only take a minute; once you subscribe you can come right back to rockmelt and puruse through the site.

Remember to find us on facebook @ and on Twitter at @cookingwithmel. Thank you all for your support and I hope you are as excited about our move as we are. Please continue telling your friends and family!

Check back this week for an AWESOME mini-series that I am exited to experiment with and is sure to reach some of you on a personal level!

Until Next Time,

Happy Sunday!