Cran-Raspberry Smoothie

Good Morning Everybody! I am writing with little to contribute on the gluten-free homefront... at least for now! I have a little something up my sleeves for later today, but right now I present to you another fruity smoothie. I know, I know, how many smoothies can one person blog about in a week. Currently we are at two, but watch out because soon we will ping to three! Yes, there is another one on the line for later this week. 

I like smoothies, especially because my mom bought us the fantastic Ninja. Oh, what is the Ninja you ask? It just happens to be the best darn blender in the world. I will never go back - please Ninja, never go out of business!

I ask... no, I beg you to stay tuned because I promise I have actual gluten-free meals planned! I have two fabulous dinners and at least one gluten-free breakfast! My gluten-free week may extend past the seven day mark for a couple of reasons. First, Nick and I have to make another 70 mile journey North tonight, which means no extravagant meal tonight. Boo-hoo. Second, I committed to something. Once I commit, I do not stop until I finish my goal. Since, I committed to bringing you all a gluten-free week, you will get a gluten free week. But, it may be a slightly unconventional week. And, finally, I am really getting into the idea of gluten free meals. I like it, I like the thrill of something new and I am excited to incorporate and blog about more gluten-free meals in the future. Yes, you heard it first - I will continue to bring you gluten-free recipes on a regular basis! 

Okay, okay, okay so where is the recipe? Here it is: a CranRazz Smoothie! OOoooo, yeah! 

Here is what your shopping list needs to look like:

  • 1 cup raspberries [frozen or fresh]
  • 1 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream/frozen yogurt - make sure to read the labels. There are tons of ice cream brands that are gluten free, including some Breyers flavors, Dreyers and Ben & Jerry's. Now, none of these brands will say with an absolute that their flavors are free of gluten. BJ, for example, attritubed their hesitancy to the ever-changing ingredients in their products. I like that, but was also slightly frustrated. 
  • 1 1/2 cups cran raspberry juice


  • Place all ingredients into the blender and pulse for about 30 seconds [for fresh fruit] and 45 to 60 seconds [for frozen fruit] until smooth and creamy
  • Serve and garnish with a fresh raspberry [or blackberry, in my case because I LOVE blackberries!]


I love this drink and so did Nick. The interesting thing about the ingredients is the dichotomy between what is and what is not gluten free. Like I mentioned above no brand is really giving us a 100% go-ahead that their ice cream is gluten free. However, what I find even more interesting is that McDonald's has stated that all of their ice cream is gluten free. Hello? Thanks, McDonald's! I have a hard time believing that - buyer beware! Also, a lot of the flavors at Dairy Queen are admittedly gluten free. Again, buyer beware! I suggest doing some research before going out there and buying a blizzard. 

What I have noticed is that much of those products that are all - natural tend to be gluten free... unless we are talking about pure wheat. Just as an FYI, don't eat that! I am thinking about the cran-raspberry juice I used. I figured cranberry juice would be fine, but was slightly concerned about the other variations. I used Ocean Spray and their website confirms the Ocean Spray beverages are all gluten free. That's great for me... I love me some cran-raspberry and cran-peach juice!

Check back later for more cool stuff I intend to bring to all of you! Also, make sure to check back later this week for actual AWESOME gluten-free meals... not just these fun drinks! 

Until Next Time,

Happy Creating!