Frozen Iced Tea

Happy Tuesday! Many of us are dealing with this breath – taking heat. I do not mind the heat when I can hang out at my pool, but lately I have not wanted to be outside in the heat. There is a good reason for that; I am feeling similar symptoms for a kidney stone as I had before and it is likely caused by dehydration. I am guilty of not drinking nearly enough lately so I am pretty worried. The pain that a kidney stone brings is not a joke; in fact, I am sure it can be compared to giving birth.

Therefore, I need a creative way to drink more. I have been eating fla-vor ice pops for weeks because, let’s be honest, they are flavored sugar water. I eat enough of them that it should be tons of fluid each day, right? Yeah, right! I am the queen of coming up with great drinks or attempting to replicate my favorite drinks. That is what brings me here today. I love Iced Tea and one of my favorite summer drinks is Frozen Iced Tea. I don’t drink it often because I can only find it one place. Enter: Knoebals. It’s a hometown amusement resort that most everybody I know loves going to. We all grew up driving through the wooded area of a back mountain to an opening that held such a marvelous local park. Knoebals offers a ton of things to do and some incredible food. For instance, the pizza place has been featured on one of the Food Networks best Amusement Resort Food. Cesari’s is no joke!

Moving right along because now I am craving pizza…

Another favorite is the Frozen Iced Tea. I love it. Each time I go to Knoebals I drink at least two frozen iced teas. So today I tried to replicate one of my favorite summer drinks. It turned out pretty well, but I cannot wait to go to Knoebals and enjoy some pizza and frozen iced tea!

Here is what you will need:


  • In a blender add a couple handfuls  of ice

  • Pour ½ cup to 1 cup of iced tea into the blender

  • Blend until ice is completely smooth

  • Pour into a couple and drink

See how super easy this beverage is to make. For the adults out there that want to enjoy a grown up drink you could add a splash of tequila into the drink. Personally I would not, but that is because I am not a huge fan of alcohol. Though you could easily turn this bad boy into a Frozen Long Island Iced Tea; I might actually give this a try soon because Nick really enjoys a good Long Island!

I hope you all enjoy!

Until Next Time,

Happy Frozen Tea Drinkin’