Lycoming County Fair and A LOT of Delicious Food!

Happy Monday Foodies!! I hope the weekend treated you all as well as it treated Nick, Pippy & I! I am switching up my post today, just for today though! Usually I debut a delicious Meatless Monday recipe for all of my non-meat eating foodie friends; and, believe me, there are plenty of you! In advance, I apologize for not having anything new for you today but I really had fun food adventures the last couple of days that I want to share with everybody.

 Many of you may have noticed that I was a little slow with posting and responding the last few days; I am sorry if it upset any of you because that was not my intent. However, it is pretty difficult to work with internet that does not like to cooperate much of the time. Yes, my mom has the most temperamental internet in the entire world. Let me also tell you one other thing about my mom – she loves going to our county fair. There is not a year that I can remember that I did not go. Until recently, I was living on the Mexican border and my mom asked me several months ago if I was going to fly home for the Lycoming County Fair. Seriously, mom? Yes, that is how obsessed she is with the fair. It’s not like she is a carnie groupie or anything, she just loves to EAT! See, I come by my food addiction pretty honestly.

When she caught wind that Nick and I were moving back to the east coast, she was stoked for more than one reason but especially because it would be much easier for me to come join her for her Fair Outing! Her obsession is certainly not mine, but I will not complain to eat amazing food for a couple of days every summer. And, IT IS AMAZING FOOD!

Instead of posting a recipe today, I am going to share some of the photos of my food adventures that I have had the last several days.

Let’s get started:

One of the best stands at the fair is the Hawaiian Ice Stand! We love it!! My mom ALWAYS gets Pink Lemonade and I usually switch up the flavors!! I have a ton of favorites, but my all-time favorite it Tiger's Blood! Oh yes!! On days that the Heat Index hit 115 degrees, these were a MUST! 

Hawaiian Ice

Nick likes to try a BUNCH of different things. This was an Oreo Funnel Cake! Okay, awesome ideaaaa!!!

I have mentioned several times how much Nick loves chocolate and peanut butter mixed. One of his FAVORITE dishes of all time is Peanut Butter Pie. He found this at a stand that is operated by a local Church and HAD to have it. It proved worthy of his taste buds! 

Pizza is a MUST! My mom and I ALWAYS go to the same stand every year! It is a local pizza joint doing it right every single day of the year! It is always fun to come around the track and smell this delicious pizza. Unfortunately I had little self control and started eating it before I snapped a picture! The results below is a picture of the pizza the moment I thought about taking a picture! Sorrrryyyyy!! 

CACTUS TATORS! Cactus whaaaat?? These little potato swirls are one of my all-time favorites! I found these when I was younger and have been addicted ever since! For years I tried to get my mom to eat them and she did not enjoy them much. However the last several years she has warmed up to them and LOVES them more than I do, I think!! They are drilled potatoes to come out in swirly potato goodness and TOPPED with a BUNCH of cheese. They are delicious and I wish I had a large container of them RIGHT NOW!! 

Locally made Birch Beer is the way to go! They give it to you in this fun little jug that makes walking around and enjoying it so much more exciting!! I tried it for the first time last year and I was pretty impressed. There was no saving it for later; especially with a heat index nearing 115! 

Nick LOVES Hot Sausage, so this hot sausage sandwhich seemed like an easy choice. He had another one the day after from another stand. Oh yes, there is no containing food sampling when at the fair each year! 

I happen to LOVE Gyros! Though it is a pretty new obsession. This was actually the first year I bought one at the fair. The lamb had such an amazing flavor. I could not stop eating it! 



A little of me mixed in! It was really HOT! Standing in the shade was imperative!

Nick and my mom!! They are just too cute!

There is no hiding the fact that Nick & I love cheesesteaks! Nick picked this bad boy cheesesteak up and loaded it up with peppers and muchrooms! Looks delicious to me!

My mom & I soaking up the shade!

oooo look at the iceeee

This is what happens when you are TOTALLY thirsty and need something to drink ASAP! I inteded to take a picture of this yummy Orangeade, but I remembered half way through!

Nick loves pierogies! I've made my own for him before and it was a huge hit! But he could not pass up the opportunity to eat a few while walking around the fair grounds! Look at all of that butterrrrrr!

We hit the JACK POT! Take a look at this AMAZING Frozen Apple Cider! It was delicious and it is DEFINITELY on my recreation list! I cannot wait to make this! I do not have anything negative to say about it! I actually wish I had 5 of them right now! 

A bowl full of lamb! I was ADDICTED TO IT! Not only did I end up with a second Gyro, we ended up with a bowl full of lamb! I left it with my mom so that she could enjoy it, but not without sneaking a piece or two!

This is another choice by Nick - a Corned Beef & Pastrami Sandwich topped with creamy slaw. I tasted it and was IMMEDIATELY addicted. I wanted to take it from him and eat it myself. I cannot wait to get down to creating this on my own! It was delicious and to-die forrrrrr!!!!!!  Way to go Nick - now I'm addicted to something else

Then there was the Meatball Sub! This was another pick by Nick. We still have half of it - I'm sure it's going to be his dinner tonight!

Pizza makes ANOTHER appearance! Can you believe my mom and I have never tried another pizza ever at the fair [the pizza you saw earlier]?? Well, I was so addicted to the Gyros,  I could not help but notice the same people had a pizza stand that my mom said EVERYBODY is always raving about. We split a piece and I was in HEAVEN! We ended up taking an entire pie home with us. Uh oh, our favorite pizza stand now as some SERIOUS COMPETITION! It has amazing crust and an even more amazing sweet sauce. I wish I had some right now.

Last, but certainly not least, a doggy canoli for Pipsqueak! We stopped at my favorite pet store on the way home from the fair to pick up a treat for Pippy and to scope out wheather there was a viable candidate for being his new sister. There were no pups for us, but he did get a treat and he was super happy!


The End!