Grilled Nectarines with Raspberry Sorbet

Happy Monday Foodies! I hope you all had a great weekend away from the chaos of life. Nick and I lounged around all weekend, which was an incredible break from the life we were leading in the weekends prior. Added benefit? It was mostly gloomy all weekend; a welcomed reprieve from the constantly sunny days this summer has given to us here on the East Coast.

Monday Sunday is the worst day of the week for me because Monday is always so close behind. I grew up having anxiety on Sunday’s. I always attributed it to school; I hated going to school on Monday, even when I was an adult in college and other high education pursuits; Sunday = anxiety. Now I am not longer in school, but last night I had an overwhelmingly high level of anxiety and here I sit today filled with more of it. I know why I am feeling this way, but it stinks because I had hoped my path in life would not be the way it is.

Is that not always the way?

I try telling myself everything will work out and being anxious is not going to solve much of anything, but that never works. Moving right along…

This week Nick’s sister, Chantelle, is moving to Cambodia. Holy cow! I am incredibly excited for her. Because she is flying out of D.C. Nick and I are going to have dinner with her on Wednesday night before her & Keith take the transatlantic flight. I wish I was going with them; I am addicted to international travel and have not had a grand international trip in quite some time! We joked around about stuffing me into a suitcase; well, they thought it was a joke; I was pretty serious about it. Just kiddin’!

Now that I have caught you all up on my life , I might as well tell you about an awesome breakfast we had this weekend. That is why you all are here after all, isn’t it? Well for this Meatless Monday segment, I present to you all Grilled Nectarines with Raspberry Sorbet. It is delicious and I am sure you all will love this sweet treat.

Nutrition Facts:
Serving size: 1 large nectarine
Total Calories: 207
Total Fat: 0
Total Carbohydrates: 49 g
Total Fiber: 5 g
Total Protein: 3 g

PointsPlus: 5

Here is what you will need:


  • 4 large nectarines, pitted
  • 1 ½ tablespoons sugar
  • 1 pint raspberry sorbet
  • 1 container raspberries, optional




  • Preheat grill to medium
  • Coat  cut sides of nectarines with olive oil and sprinkle evenly with sugar



  • Place nectarines, cut side down, on grill rack and grill, turning once, until slightly softened, about 3 minutes per side



  • Place nectarines halves on plate



  • Place ¼ cup scoop of sorbet per serving


  • If you have them, sprinkle raspberries around nectarines; we did not have raspberries, but the dish turned out perfectly.

I hope you all enjoy!

Until Next Time,

Happy Monday