My Week in Pictures

Good Morning Foodies. I hope you’re all having a great first week of 2012. I have been thinking about all of you quite often { I always do, by the way}. I am constantly wondering what I can do to impress you, help you, encourage you and inspire you. Each day I ask variable questions about what’s going on in your lives and each day somebody out there responds; you give me a glimpse of your life; you inspire and encourage me and I am constantly impressed by you all.

Thank you for being part of my journey in life.

This next year is going to be one packed full of experience, life lessons, struggle and happiness; I know that to be true. Nick and I are starting a very incredible journey with each other and I am excited to bring you all along for the ride. However, I cannot reveal anything just yet because the plans and dreams are still in their infancy.

That is part of the reason why I have not been posting new recipes everyday; that will change. I promise.

Instead of some outstanding recipe or easy one pot meal today, I am going to share with you what has been keeping me busy – a small glimpse of our new office, which we had to put together all by ourselves. I apologize I don’t have any before pictures, but believe me when I say our lives were a wreck when we started opening boxes.

Here is the almost final product {we intend to add a chair of some sort in the future}.

And if you notice the books on the shelf – they are keeping me busy, too. Unfortunately, they are not all cookbooks.

Pippy needed to be close to me. He subsequently got a new bed... pictured below! haha

A space for a chair. A future endeavor/expense!

Thank you for your continued support. Thank you for stopping by each day to support me and talk with me, encourage me and inspire me. I look forward to many more conversations and recipes with all of you.

Xoxo, Mel