Homemade Peep Pops

Good Morning Foodies. I cannot believe it is already Wednesday; life is really passing by quickly. The holiday is officially over for me; my mom left this morning. Now it’s Pippy and I. I feel bad for the pup-squeak; he gets in such a funk when people leave him. Now that everybody is gone, he’s not very happy. It does not help that I took one of his favorite toys from him earlier. Now he’s draped over the love-sac making me feel horrible for stealing his fun.

I’m beginning to question my tactics.

Well played Pippy, well played.

Now that Easter has passed most of the candy will dwindle away and we will have to wait an entire year to see our favorite treats again. Now I realize Easter is not about the candy; however, I am not going to complain about certain treats emerging once a year – for whatever the reason.

It seems like everybody has a favorite Easter candy, whether it is Cadbury Eggs, Peeps, or Jelly Beans. I have never been a huge fan of most Easter candy; I would rather eat macaroni and cheese or cheddar garlic biscuits. However, Nick loves the Peeps that come along with this time of year. He especially likes when they are stale.

I totally don’t get that.

However, we try not to buy too much candy around the holidays because we do not want to be stuck with it and we do not want to over indulge. That usually means the Peeps are the first to disappear and nothing compares to those {at least to Nick}.

I have a solution to this annual problem.

My friend made Homemade Peep Pops and passed along this super simple and fun recipe. I mean, who doesn’t want to keep the supply of Peeps stacked full all year round? Christina sent me a bunch of photos and it looked like her little family had a fabulously fun time creating their own sweet treat. I am grateful to have this variation in my recipe book & I am sure Nick will love the simplicity of it all.

Nutritional Information:
Servings: 31
Serving Size: 1 Peep
Calories: 90
Fat: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 21 g
Fiber: 0 g
Protein: 1 g
Points+: 2


 Recipe & Pictures Courtesy of Christina F. 

  • 1 bag Jumbo Marshmallows {or more if you like}
  • Candy sticks (I just got cake pop sticks from the baking section at JoAnn's)
  • Pastel Colored Sugar (or any color you want)
  • Water
  • Piece of Styrofoam (this is used for drying them, although we found that using an empty egg carton and sticking the peeps in their upside down, worked much better!) 


  • Place the sticks into the marshmallows, to make your "peeps".
  • Dip each peep into water to dampen, dab lightly with a paper towel to remove excess water.
  • Roll each peep in the sugar, covering evenly.
  • Place the peep into the Styrofoam to dry (this is where we just stuck the peep into the empty egg carton upside down to dry and it worked out much better.

See how easy and fun they are to make?? I love that this is a great adaptation to the Peeps you buy at the store. I actually have a great idea for these. Stay tuned!

Thanks for sharing with all of us, Bean. You rock my socks!

Until Next Time,

Enjoy Peepin’ all year round!