A Slight Hiatus Yields Great Pictures

Hey Foodies! It has been a few… months. It seems recently like I keep scrambling back to you apologetic for a long absent. I cannot seem to get away from these minor hiccups taking over my life.

They are not so bad, so I cannot complain about sickness or injury. I have been very lucky to travel with Nick on a TDY, spend a few days on Grampstr’s Endeavour and finalize some decisions on our house. We are well on our way!

Nick and I spent the entirety of last week in a hotel room. I enjoyed reading my book, sitting by the pool and chowing down on some good breakfast food at the hotel. They had my favorite – bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches. Can you believe I ate 3 in one day?

We left straight away on Friday so we could get up North to the design studio to finalize some options we chose for our house. After that we were to settle into Baltimore for a long weekend. A 70 mile trip took us 4 hours.

It. Was. Hell.

Pip & Sophie travel well together!

We finally got to the boat, enjoyed some time together and passed out! You would think the story line ends there?


We were due at a wedding in Pennsylvania on Saturday evening. So we left Baltimore with dress clothes and four dogs {Nick’s parent’s own two yorkies. In fact, they are pippy’s fur mom and fur dad!}  We made it in time to celebrate the union, enjoy great celebration and conversation… and then we drove all night to get back to the boat on Saturday in order to miss any elongated drive in traffic through Baltimore.


On Sunday we enjoyed a bunch of time with each other, it was Father’s Day after all. I cooked breakfast for Nick’s dad on the boat. For a small area, it was not so intolerable. I actually enjoyed cooking on the boat. After brunch we all sat around talking, I went up top to sit on the boat deck to catch some rays, read a book and enjoy the atmosphere that surrounded me. It was not long after that the Air Force began flying over us, providing a spectacular show! We took something like 1100 pictures.

Sophie enjoying The Grampstrs Endeavour!

Oh and we ate phenomenal Greek Food. See.

Finally, on Monday, after more than a week of being away Nick and I returned home, but not before we squeezed in 2 more meetings about the house. Oh yes, we were multi-taskers this week!

Here are a few pictures of my incredible week and weekend!  Let me know if you’re interested in chartering a boat… I know a guy! You will not be disappointed with the experience, I can tell you that much!

I want to express my sincere appreciation for all of you sticking with me during this incredibly hectic time. Buying a house, traveling and becoming increasingly busy is a wonderful thing, yet it also means not everything gets accomplished like it used to. I haven’t been cooking at all. I hope to get back to it in the next couple of days. I miss it, I mean when you do something often enough and are dedicated enough it becomes part of you. It begins to define who you are. Thank you for your tolerance with my sporadic posting, it means a lot to me!

xoxo Mel