{Large} Independence Day Popsicles

I don’t know about you but I happen to love most of the seasons for different reasons. For example, I love winter for the exact reason most people hate it: snow, lots and lots of snow. I would be happy to hibernate under blankets of the white stuff all winter so long as I could, you know, get the necessary supplies to my house, which would most definitely include ingredients for macaroni & cheese, soda and serious snacks {among a plethora of other things}.

For summer, however, I love the season for the amazing thunderstorms our atmosphere helps produce. I could sit and watch the mighty lightning light up the skies and the thunder shake the ground beneath my feet. I love watching sheets of rain fly past me {in the comfort of my home, obviously}.

Oh, but that’s not the only thing I love about summer. Nope. I love the that it is warm enough for me to eat 20 popsicles and drink plenty of slushes without a second thought. I love iced treats. In fact, I could eat a box of popsicles in one sitting without much guilt.

Because the 4th of July is, well, TOMORROW I though I would try to make my own flavored popsicles to celebrate our Independence Day. And while the recipe worked I did a couple of things wrong – first, I used a cup that was too large to sustain my Popsicle dreams {can you believe it? A Popsicle that is too large for moi?}; and, second, I used a blue beverage that was not dark enough. These Independence Day Popsicles are absolutely DELICIOUS though. Take a look!

Nutritional Information
Servings: 1 Popsicle
Calories: 27.9
Fat: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 7.5 g
Fiber: 0 g
Protein: 0 g
Points+: 1


Recipe Adapted from My Recipes

1 ½ cups light lemonade

1 ½ cups red sports drink {like Gatorade}

1 ½ cups {dark} blue sports drink {like Gatorade}


Arrange 6 {4 ounce} plastic cups on a baking sheet and divide the Red Gatorade evenly among them

Place baking sheet in freezer and freeze until juice is almost firm, about an hour

Insert craft sticks into center of slightly frozen juice

Divide lemonade evenly among cups to make a second layer.

Freeze until hard, about 2 hours

Pour blue Gatorade over lemonade layer and free until solid, about 3 hours

Gently pull each ice pop out of its cup {you can use a knife to help extract the popsicle}.

Serve Immediately!!

Good luck trying to devoir this popsicle before it melts on your hands. That is the my one critical error with this recipe – not thinking the 4 ounce cup was going to be large enough for my love of popsicles.

If you’re looking to serve a cool Independence Day Drink at your picnic or party tomorrow, take a look at my 4th of July Red, White and Blue summer drink from last year!!