Creamy Mango Orange Sorbet

Let me tell you how excited I am right now.

Okay, ready?


My bested friend, Scott, is coming to visit us this weekend. Admitting that we have not seen each other for 6 months would make me a horrible friend, right? Well, then, I won’t admit to that. However, in the {slightly} significant period of time since I have last seen Scott he has bought a brand new car, traveled to New England for the government, his sister got engaged, Nick and I started a business, and started building a house.

My, my how life quickly swirls about.

I’m totally excited to see him.

Oh and if you didn’t realize it yet, I’m back! Sometimes regrouping is all one needs to rebound from a lull in life and food. I have great plans for the upcoming weeks and I’m excited to share some of these fantastic recipes that I have in my mind. I’m starting off easy today with this perfectly Sweet and Creamy Orange Mango Sorbet.

Nutritional Information
Servings: 1
Calories: 132.5
Fat: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 33 g
Fiber: 3.5 g
Protein: 2.3 g
Points+: 4


½ cup mangos {fresh or frozen}

¼ cup fat free vanilla ice cream

¼ cup orange juice

½ cup ice


Add all of the ingredients to your favorite blender and blend until you find your desired consistency. It should not be smoothie like, just a bit thicker.

If you want to make this a smoothie just add a bit more orange juice and VOILA!

I hope you love this as much as I did!

xoxo Mel