& Serena Bass Giveaway!!

This is my favorite time of year. When I say that to people I can almost feel them wince at me. As if I have been marked with a scarlet letter people make an immediate decision to think I am nuts. I just cannot help myself.

It is more than a brisk day out in the world today. Many would say it is frigid; it’s exactly what I love about the winter. It’s my old friend coming back from a long vacation, opening my lungs up to a clarity it forgets about yet longs for the rest of the year, and sometimes it brings the best present of all: snow.

I love snow.

I long for snow.

I would do a rain dance in sub-zero temperatures to see my favorite white snowy flakes falling from the sky.

I’ve been waiting all season for cold temperatures and snow. I’ve got the cold weather the next couple of days, now I just need some significant snow to make my heart flutter with joy.

As exciting as this season is to me, I have something more exciting to announce. I have partnered with and am pleased to announce that I am offering a $100 gift card to one lucky follower of my website. MyHabit happens to be one of my favorite websites. What girl wouldn’t love designer names at discounted prices? is a private fashion sale site offering up to 60% off hand – picked selections from designer and boutique brands. What’s better? It’s an company. It was created in response to customers’ desires to shop designer brands and house ware pieces at discounted prices. Not to mention they offer free shipping to all shoppers in the United States.

Serena Bass is the latest tastemaker curator for MYHABIT. She has curated a kitchen & tabletop event. In the YouTube video below, Serena shares her recipe for the perfect, quick and easy pasta arrabiata.

So here’s what you need to know about entering for a chance to win the $100 gift card. 

First, watch the YouTube Video. Don’t worry it is legit!

Second, come back here and in the comment section below rate what you liked about the video and tell me what your favorite item is from the Serena Bass sales event! {If you click the "favorite item" link, it will take you directly to the Serena Bass collection. Look through all of her lovely items and pick the one you like best. Come back and tell me!}

Third, sign up for

 That’s it! There are only three easy steps to this contest and you will be entered to win a $100 gift card.

The contest will run through Monday, January 28, 2013. I will announce the winner on Tuesday, January 29, 2013.